Diamond Microdermabrasion

A thorough yet gentle steam  exfoliation is performed follow by a painless almond treatment.  Next a derma-sonic treatment is provided to hydrate the skin.  And lastly, a customized mask is applied.  Light age spots will disappear, fine lines will me smoothed and dead cells eliminated so your skin will glow with restored vitality. The results are astonishingly amazing.  

*  The session  includes a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

60 min $85

Deep Pore Cleaning Facial

This treatment is specially designed to deep clean your skin, remove blackheads and restore your skin’s natural balance with special high frequency light treatment.  It will leave your skin feeling clean and refresh.

*  The session  includes a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

60 min $60  

Teen Facial, Acne Skin

This treatment helps clear up and heal acne blemishes while making the skin less oily.  The process uses cleansing steam, extraction, high frequency light treatment, a day mask and vitamin.  This treatment helps balance the skin and leaves your face bathed with a freshly harvested aromatic scent.

40 min $48

Mini Facial

Condensed version of our comprehensive facials, designed to cleanse, moisturize, and re-hydrate the skin.  This procedure will leave your face feel soft and smooth.

40 min $40

Our skin care technicians help men whose skin is sensitive to shaving.  This treatment helps refresh and invigorate the skin while improving the appearance.  To complete the experience, a neck and shoulder massage will relax the mind and soothe the soul.

60 min $60

Men’s Facial

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Yonka Skincare Facial with Microdermabrasion

Restore your skin’s natural glow with our microdermabrasion treatment and a refreshing facial using Yonka skincare!

 Nancy Bee

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